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Waitlists are a funny thing. They feel a little good, because you know they liked your stuff, but at the same time, it means more waiting. I was informed by Concordia a few weeks ago that I'm #3 on their waitlist for their Drawing and Painting program. I'm not sure what their stats are, so I have no idea what's going to happen in the end. Given that I still haven't heard the initial results from two other schools I'd applied to, as well as the fact that I need to move out of my house this month and don't know whether to look for a permanent or temporary place at this point, I am going crazy from all this uncertainty. How are the other waitlisted folks holding up? Any movement from the list for anybody here?

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How do most people handle wait lists? Say you're on a waitlist for a school you would pick over the schools into which you were accepted. You won't know until after April 15th if you will get into that school, but you have to let your other schools know whether or not you're going there before April 15th. What are you expected to do? It seems like far too great a risk to hold out for that ideal school it when it could mean not being able to go to any of them.

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The agony of uncertainty.....

I'm waitlisted at MICA (my top choice), so I know how you feel, but I would not let a different opportunity go by hoping to get an acceptance from another school (provided that the opportunity is also one that you'd be happy about and is a good fit even if not your top choice). I don't think it's unreasonable to call the school where you are waitlisted and ask a few questions (such as how high you are sitting on the list, what percentage of students have responded so far to the admittance offers, what are the historical admittance rates for waitlisted students in previous years). Perhaps they will give you some additional information that will help you decide if it's worth risking a place at the other school. Also, perhaps the other school will let you wait a few more days before giving them an answer? I don't know how often programs do that, but can it hurt to ask?

Anyone out there with more insight into waitlist acceptances? Is being on a waitlist about the same as getting rejected or do we stand a decent chance of being admitted in the end? I'm sure it will vary by school, but perhaps someone has some insights or experience they can share with those of us dealing with this.

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