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Does anyone know whats going on with UCSC?!


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Hey guys,

I dont know about any of you, but I am sure as hell getting a little antsy about the UCSC program. Has anyone heard anything back from them and if so how? Quite honestly I would really just like an answer one way or another so I can accept one of the offers that has been made to me already and start planning for the program, moving, etc.... If you have heard something back please let me know. There have only been a few posts about UCSC on the results page and they were all posted on feb 23-24, but nothing has been posten since. Thanks a lot guys.

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I heard back from the grad coordinator that the process is ongoing, and that they hope to send word by the end of the month.

Hey, after three months of agony, what's one more week?


I emailed the grad coordinator today to find out about notification timeframe. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

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If anyone out there is still waiting to hear if they've made it in off the waiting list, I was told by a professor that they're hoping that more TA opportunities will be released, enabling them to admit more students. So hang in there. I guess the good news is that if you make it in, you're guaranteed to have funding.

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