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UO v. Bard


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So I was accepted to the University of Oregon's Environmental Studies Master's program and Bard College's Climate Science and Policy MS program, and I am having a lot of trouble deciding. I got full funding at UO, and about 2/3 funding at Bard. I like that Bard's program is very structured and thematic, but I worry because it is such a new program and because it is not very well-known. UO's program is much more established and competitive, but I'm concerned that the courses won't be as relevant or cohesive, since you piece together your own curriculum from courses in various departments, and there aren't too many courses to chose from in my particular area of interest. Do I give up full funding at UO to go into debt at Bard? Since they are both MS degrees, will the differences between the programs really matter in the long run?

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What do you plan to do once you get the degree? Will you make enough money to live decently and pay off the loans you would have to take out if you went to Bard? Who would you be able to work with at each program?

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