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Interview more than 2 months ago


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I had to register just to get this out!

I turned in my application to a school in November and was invited a couple of weeks later to be flown out for free to interview in mid-January. So exciting, right? Except the interview didn't go particularly well. I was a bit upset but I went back home and decided to hope for the best but wait for my probable rejection. So I've been waiting.....and waiting. I saw acceptances go out in February for the very small class so I expected my letter soon after. I emailed them in late February and was told decisions would go out by mid-March. Fine...I waited some more. Then as mid-March came I got nothing. I called the office and they said now maybe by late March. So I emailed the DGS to see if I could get any sort of status update and a week later they still haven't responded. I haven't heard a word from my POI after I sent a thank you email in January about the interview.

Is it totally crazy for me to be getting this worked up? I just feel like this is an excessive wait. If I'm waitlisted, just tell me! If I'm rejected, it can't be that hard to have someone send me a letter. I wouldn't even hope for a personalized email from these people at this point.

I think this process may have driven me insane.

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