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Any suggestions on how to pay for MSW?


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So now that I'm accepted, I'm trying to develop a strategy for coming away with the least amount of debt (though I know I will probably have to take out some loans). I've been told I am eligible for a merit scholarship based upon my undergrad GPA, though I don't know the numbers, and this won't be substantial. I'm also going to apply for need-based aid through the university. Other than that, any ideas for bringing down the cost? I thought of applying to an assistantship-type position, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that my first year. Perhaps for my second year I will do that.

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Anyone familiar with the NHSC loan forgiveness program? I think I may pursue this.

I looked into this and it seems like a fantastic option, but consider that (from what I can gather, anyway) you have to be an LCSW to qualify, so you'd need at least a few years after school to get the supervision and apply for licensure before you could look at one of the NHSC-qualifying jobs.

In terms of other options, there's income-based loan repayment if you're making less than $50,000 per year, and public service loan forgiveness. Unfortunately, non-loan financial aid for MSWs seems really difficult to come by.

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