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SPEA or the LBJ


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Dear all,

Currently I am torn between SPEA (IU-Bloomington) and LBJ (UT-Austin) that which one should I notify of my acceptance for MPA. The world news ranking ranks IU bloomington in the top 5 while on the other hand in my part of the world UT-Austin has a better recognition (am international applicant). But then I have also viewed various threads advising of not relying on the rankings alone. I intend to concentrate on energy and natural resources for which both universities offer good courses. Please ignore the financial factors and advise me in terms of career prospects, networking and chances to get into international institutions such as UN etc .

Thanks in advance

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for prospects, networking, and quality of institution, i would have to say UT Austin. LBJ definitely has better prestige and recognition internationally. also, the US news rankings for the MPA are pretty messed up and don't really show you which school is better. (contrary to the rankings, syracuse's mpa is not better than WWS or HKS obviously)

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