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Hi! I majored in civil engineering in my undergrad degree but I was always interested in literature, to pursue which I took up several electives. I have now decided that it is literature that I want to pursue and given my lack of background, I am a little unsure about what the writing sample would call for.

I did a couple of papers in my undergrad which required considerable research but I want to take a look at a few successful sample papers. Any ideas where I cud find that? Or could someone who's got in post their sample papers? That would help a lot! Thanks :)

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I don't think anyone's going to post their writing sample here. If you want to know what a 'successful' paper looks like, simply look at journal articles in your field. That's what you should be working towards, what you'll be doing as a scholar.

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Yeah, for intellectual property reasons, I think you're going to find few people who will share their writing samples with you. Check out the big journals in your subfield. Also, look at regional organizations and look for articles by people in their Ph.D. programs. For example, I'm an early modernist. I belong to the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renassiance Association (or something like that) and what was my MA thesis has been accepted for publication in their peer-reviewed journal. Look for situations like this and you'll see papers that were likely used as writing samples. Best of luck!

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