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Ok so I applied for a grad program in the city i currently live. After my interview the admissions committee was meeting the next day to make decisions...... they said letters would be mailed out last week. Except they weren't. I called the program to ask about the letters seeing as though they refuse to put any information online, and I had not received one, the secretary laughed and said "we have not sent them out yet". I explained I am leaving to go out of town, I wont be back until after april 15th (which is true). Any how I asked if I could get an email or something with the information, she called the director to ask but they want to have the official letters out. So i asked if I could pick up the letter instead (because I am leaving tonight) and I am waiting to hear from them.....

My question is...... would they really go through all that trouble for a rejection? I mean I am trying to be hopeful, but does any one have any insight????

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well they probably just need to do it the way they set out to do it, I am in no way shape or form wishing or suggesting this is the case for you but I mean could you imagine if it is a rejection and you open the letter right there? And you even know the contents of the letter before you open it, if it's a big packet or a regular old envelope. I think in general that could be really awkward for everyone involved. I'm not sure why they can't email your decision. I know schools that send via snail mail will at some point let applicants know over the phone or through email after a while, especially if you've been accepted I would think they would want you to know that. Maybe if you wait a few more days to call, perhaps if they've already sent them out than they'd be more likely to tell you over the phone or email...who knows?

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