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So I saw this question on the results page and thought I'd bring it to the forum.

Has anyone heard from SDSU for Psychology MA? There was one post in the results section, but I call BS. My apologies if that person really has been accepted, but I don't think that is correct. SDSU was the earliest deadline I had at Jan 7th. Two programs, one at Feb 1st and one at March 1st, have already responded. I know SDSU gets a ton of apps, but this is getting kind of ridiculous. Has anyone heard anything or contacted the program?

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Hi, I haven't heard anything either and am slowly driving myself insane. It's their spring break so I'm resisting trying to contact them for now. I saw that post as well where a person said they were accepted on March 8th. I don't really know what to make of that unless we've been wait listed.

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I forgot to ask... what is your status on their website? Mine is "Admission Status: DEPARTMENT REVIEWING FILE FOR PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY" the same it has been for about 3 months lol. Can't be a good sign.

Thats what mine says too. And, just like yours, its been that way for a long time. It says that it was last updated JANUARY 19th. Its a definite possibility that we've been waitlisted. However, if you look at other programs for SDSU, it sounds like they've been notified one way or another.

So I guess we have a few possibilities here:

SDSU Psych is


or way too busy

or does not know how to use a computer

Or we, the applicants, are:


or wait listed

or declined

or all accepted and they haven't notified us yet because they are still trying to negotiate a group rate at SeaWorld for our admittance party.

Anything you want to add?

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Heard from SDSU today and......


I got into my top choice long before I heard from your program. Alas, this is nothing more than a wasted app fee (among all the other fees incurred when applying to grad school).


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