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No reply when asked about financial aid


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I sent the following e-mail ten days ago - and they have not replied. Now I'm not sure if I should re-send, call, or just accept the offer.

Any advice??

Hi Prof. XYZ - thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions.

I spoke with a ABC University financial aid counselor and she told me that until I was officially accepted to the school

that they would not process my financial aid package; and that I would not be listed as accepted until I notify your department that I am taking the grad student slot. Would it be alright with you if I officially accepted the position in order to have my financial aid application processed? I'd hate to say yes and take a slot from someone else only to find out later that I can not manage the finances - but I'm not sure how else to proceed. Please let me know what you suggest.

Thank you again for your assistance and understanding.

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That doesn't seem like standard operation on the part of the university. None of my programs waited to send me financial aid. It was a big part of my decision making to know what I might need to take/could take in loans as emergency funds before accepting an offer.

I think your email would be fair. I'd also just say none of your other programs are making you wait and knowing the "complete" aid package is the only way you can make a decision.

Why it matters:

One school gave me a ton of Perkins Loans

The other could not offer Perkins Loans to grad students.

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That doesn't seem like standard operation on the part of the university.

I'm just not the brightest bulb on the tree. Apparently being officially accepted does not mean me saying yes to them -

it meant the school approving the departments decision to accept me to the school! Just found that tidbit out in today's mail!

I need a graduate degree to figure out how to get my graduate degree :)

Thanks for your speedy reply!

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