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Maxwell vs JHU(IPS) vs LBJ vs Harris



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  1. 1. Which school should I attend?

    • Maxwell School at Syracuse
    • LBJ school of policy at University of Texas in Austin
    • Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies
    • Harris school at University of Chicago
    • other

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I am trying to make a decision of were to attend this up coming year and I need your help

I created the above poll from the schools that offered me funding. I also was admited to the following:

U Denver, Michigan, American, and waitlisted at duke

Here is my previous thread:

Basically I am interested in International Economics, International Trade, International Finance, and Policy Analysis.

I was offered funding at the following levels:

10,000 per year from Syracuse

21,000 per year from Johns Hopkins

19,000 per year from University of Chicago

Instate tuition plus 1,000 per year from University of Texas

At this time I am leaning toward Syracuse because of perceived lower overall cost and the strongest alumni base. Which would you choose if you were me? What would you say are the strengths and weaknesses of each school? Where can I go to get stats that would give me a hint at the true costs of each program? Thanks for the help!

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