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Low Quantitative Otherwise Good GRE


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Dear all,

I'm interested in pursuing an IR MA/PhD concentrating on social constructivism, international relations theory, and international law. I have a Masters degree from a prestigious British university in Chinese Studies (political science) and am currently pursuing a JD focusing on International Law.

I recently got my GRE scores back: Verbal 700; Quantitative 690; AW 6. Math is not my strong suit and to be honest, I spent most of my time prepping for it. I don't think I have time or energy to redo the GREs especially since it's so close to the deadline for changing it. Anyway, I believe that my research would be mostly case studies and legal analysis.

Does anyone know any good universities doing research in these areas, and will my mediocre quantitative score prevent my application from being looked at? I would appreciate any help, because it's so hard to figure out programmes just by looking at the school's websites sometimes! Thank you for reading my post.


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I'm surprised nobody replied to your post :(.

Judging from others' posts over the last couple of years, it seems that a 690 quantitative score will most likely not keep you out of most social science programs, provided the rest of your application is solid.

Just at a guess, I would think that you'd need a very strong quantitative score (760+) only if your research plans included a lot of very heavy statistical analysis or computer modeling, etc. I would presume the opposite also to be true: if you want to use "softer" methods of research, then you would need only basic math competence, i.e., a score above about 600.

Hope that helps.

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