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Taking the GRE while studying abroad? (Amsterdam)


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I am currently studying abroad, and I am likely going to need to take the GRE while I am here in the Netherlands.

Has anyone taken the GRE while abroad? I assume everything (including instructions given at the test center, etc.) will be in English, but I don't want to be surprised by any problems that wouldn't have happened at home?

I will be taking the exam in Amsterdam. Anyone have advice?

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I've taken the GRE in the Netherlands (in Amsterdam) myself, because I grew up here. I think I got the instructions from the receptionist like 'you can put your coat here' in Dutch, but someone else who was there got them in English when they said they didn't speak Dutch. The instructions from the GRE testing people were in English, as was the GRE itself of course. I'd send an email beforehand to make sure, but I don't think you would encounter any problems. Just bring your (US?) passport and other things they tell you to bring.

There were about 10 computers in a small room when I was there, but there were only 4 people taking the test, so the testing environment was fine. If you have any questions (or need something translated) just let me know!

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I took my GRE in Kuwait. All instructions were totally in English, even the "put your coat here" ones biggrin.gif.

Kuwait is an Arabic-speaking country, but since the GRE is in English, all test-takers are expected to understand it. No-one spoke Arabic, neither the people at the test center nor the test-takers themselves, even though they looked Arab!

I agree with Ennue. Sending an e-mail just to make sure will not hurt. It will reassure you and will prevent any surprises.

Good luck!

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I took my GRE in Amsterdam as well and I thought the set up was excellent. I didn't do as well as I would have wished but I got free coffee and cookies, the atmosphere was very clean and quiet and everyone was very helpful. Can I just remind you to do more practice tests and practice essay-writing than you think is necessary? Cause it is necessary.

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I'm not sure what sort of keyboards you normally use in the Netherlands, though I know most European countries have their own take on the keyboard. I took the GRE in Paris and you need to watch out for the fact that they will use standard English QWERTY keyboards. This is actually pretty unfair, since the Analytical section requires you to write very fast, but that's just how it is. Thankfully I realised this a few days before the exam and so had time to get back into the English keyboard (which in fact I'd learnt to type on, but I'd switched for a French AZERTY keyboard since I was writing mostly in French for a couple of years). Yet another way in which foreigners are penalised. Anyway if you practise a bit you'd be fine, and I think they do tolerate a few typos here and there.

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