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Early start and stipend


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My professor has asked me to start asap, probably August.

I receive a fellowship for my first year, and the academic year starts in September.

Does this mean that I will have to go through 2 months without any income? (the stipend is paid at the end of the month, not when we arrive).

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You're going to get the best response by contacting the administration at your particular school because each program may do it differently. From my own, personal experience there are usually slight stipulations such as given health insurance and stipend but going without dental for those first couple months in the "Summer-starts". Again, the administration will know much more about your personal situation than anyone on the board.

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It varies from school to school.

In my case, my fellowship didn't start until the actual academic year started, but since my PI wanted me to start early he payed the intervening month and a half out of his grants as an RAship, so that might be an option in your case as well.

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