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Please help ID deffere? LSE vs SIPA vs GPPI vs HKS vs Fletcher


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Hi there,

I really need some advice. I have been accepted to some degree in International Development but am not convinced with my options. I am considering deferring and trying to re-apply next year, would you I am completely mad? what would you say?

My options are: MPA in ID (LSE), MPP (Georgetown - GPPI) and Hertie. I am basically between the first two and a little bit more inclined for LSE. However I am a little bit concern about LSE´s MPA, as I have read mixed reviews. Basically it doesn´t seem to compete with other similar MPAs or MIA at other american unis. Have you attended MPA at LSE or do you know anyone who has? I would really appreciate your feedback.

Georgetown´s MPP seems interesting and is really flexible. Also many students take up opp to intern in Washington during academic year. However I am somehow a little bit concerned that the spirit of the faculty might be too conservative, and therefore links with EU would be similar. Any opinions?

My doubts are so deep that am considering deferring LSE and trying to apply next year. I would apply to SIPA, HKS, WWS, Fletcher and Oxford (MPhil in Development Studies) and wait until I can see if I can make it into any of these before conforming. I do not have a job at the moment though and the moment seemed ideal to do the master, what would you do?

Can you give an advice in the following:

- Do you think it is substantial the future career prospects between this degree so that is worth the year?

- or LSE/GT would take me to a similar place without the harm of the year in between.

Thanks so much for reading my post and hope to hearing your opinions soon. Good luck with your choices and decisions!

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