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Hi, I don't know if it is the right place to post this, but I am leaving Syracuse for phd this summer, and my apartment will be available starting June, and the lease will be renewable for one year come August, if anyone here is attending Newhouse in the summer month, please do contact me, it is a two bedroom apartment for $680 and I can give a good deal for the summer month (and utilities and cable internet will be paid for). So if anyone is interested, please PM or just email me. Thank you!

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Hey everyone,

Starting the MA-IR in the fall with a possible dual program in Econ. Anyone figured out housing yet? Heard anything about if Madison st or the Westcott area along Euclid would be a better place to live for grad students?

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I am glad I was able to find some other SU folks on here!

It looks like we are all in the same boat now, looking for housing and figuring out the lay of the city.

What is the word on the good/bad neighborhoods to live in, and is anyone considering living OUTSIDE of the city (Manilus etc..) and driving in?


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I Graduated from SU with a BA in IR in 2010 and will be returning for the Public Diplomacy Program (MA IR and MS PR) this summer. I also grew up in Manlius. The burbs of Syracuse are very nice (all my undegrad friends were floored when I brought them home haha they never thought Syracuse could be so nice haha) however it is a little more of a drive. When I transfered to SU from Penn State my junior year I lived at home my first semester and commuted in and it would take me about 20min with traffic, although once you get the hang of the back roads and if you get lucky wiith traffic and lights you can make it from manlius to campus in about 12mins (i've clocked it haha)

If you want to live within walking distance to campus but dont want to be inundated with rowdy undergrads, I would suggest the wescott area (roosevelt, allen, end of euclid) but be careful about renting in this area and make sure you see the place first before signing anything, cause although there are really nice places in this area, you also come across some dishonest landlords that take advantage of out of towners.

there are some nice apt complexes a little further off campus but are on free SU shuttle routes like; claredon heights, nob hill, vincent apts, and a handful of others. These are nice because they are cheaper then on campus and you get more space. However if you like walking to class and want to be in the thick of things (football/basketball games) then I would suggest staying on campus.

Another option is downtown. If you have the extra cash and a car, I would highly reccomend the downtown area (Armory square, clinton square, franklin street, the lofts at willow). you would be close to all the night life of downtown and the city is really trying to upgrade it's image. There has been a huge expansion of really cool lofts in all of the old factory buildings (thanks rust belt haha).....I am looking into this option cause I got a full fellowship however it might not end up being in my price range.....this area is $700 min

if anybody has any questions, feel free to private message me, im always happy to help!

Good luck


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