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MIT Neuroscience grad program phd. can i get in?

i will have 3.3 overall and 3.3 neuro gpa when i apply and have 3 yrs of research, but all at my small private liberal arts college

i am involved in various activities:

bio honor society----treasurer

neuroscience club----i co-founded it

i presented at 3 conferences my research---but the conferences were either at my own college or a near-by one

i am working on a brain book for kids with my neuro professor, but it wont be published when i apply at mit, but i have been working on it for about 2 yrs now

i am peer reviewer for an undergrad neuro research journal (impulse, if uve heard of it)

so, do i stand a chance of getting into mit? what about yale or harvard??


be brutally honest :)

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You can find my stats on the "ALL Life sciences applicants" thread for all applicants this past season. I was rejected from Harvard BBS and MIT Bioengineering if that helps. Didn't apply to Yale.

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