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low comulative GPA ??


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i'm a "Computer Engineering" under-graduate student in the 5th year at "Faculty of Engineering, AinShams Univ. - Egypt", and i'm looking forward to complete my Masters in USA, my comulative score in the previous 4 years = 68.6% (equivalent to 2.6-2.7/4), but because we have studied alot of subjects that concerns electrical physics, electrical circuits, power & control systems, electronics, electromagnetics and digital communications as general EE students (our minor is selected in the last 2-years) i have got a low scores in most of this subjects, but regarding all the studied CS subjects in these years my scores were as following:

Computers Programming (>85%) (A)

Computer Organization 1 (>85%) (A)

Logic Circuits (>85%) (A)

Computer Organization 2 (>65%) (B-)

Microprocessor Based Systems (>75%) (B+)

Software Engineering (>85%) (A)

Operating Systems (>65%) (B-)

Programming With Data Structures (>75%) (B+)

and i'll study 9 subjects this year

Database Systems

Automata and Compilers

Computer Networks

Computer Security

Neural Networks

Pattern Recognition & Image Processing

Modelling & Simulation

Computer Controlled Systems

Artificial Intelligence

that i hope to get similar or better scores in them, but my GPA at the end will be lower than 3.0 even if i got (A) in all of these subjects, so is the grades of the CS subjects will be taken as a positive addition in my application ?? or is there a certain selected subjects that undergo the GPA calculations process ??, and what are the best colleges for my case ??

are there any colleges that require GPA of the final year only in USA ??



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I think i read your post somewhere else on the net and replied to you that the minimum gpa for applicants from your home country is 3.0. exceptions may exist but i am not sure of that :)

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