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  1. I think your profile is excellent. They don't look the GPA apart from the ranking in the class. In CS, UIUC is within the top 5 so you are not moving out of your own cycle. Having LOR from known professors (particularly to professors working at schools where you are going to apply) is extremely helpful. With respect to your first question, yes, UC Berkeley offers M.S for anybody (qualified) regardless to the origin of his undergraduate degree. The only thing you need to concentrate on is the statement of purpose. Write something they like and good luck
  2. Those big schools ask a simple question: where are you from? and then look at the qualifications one has. I think >80%tile on the GRE Q would be fine for any school. 3.6 as a GPA and its meaning greatly depends on where from your bf got his degree
  3. was that rude? i think this was supposed to be very useful btw, the rude guy was not me
  4. well, i am not Canadian and have no experience for the specific question but generally you will be taxed for the remaining part of the stipend by the US government (I've 22.5k a year stipend which turn to $18k pa after tax.
  5. mo7aisen

    GPA and Funds

    :roll: no relation. 3.2 is not that bad too.
  6. Did any of you had any problem with the admission office through the application time? I feel I was mistreated by their arrogant responses to my emails. Anyway, I will not attend to Purdue
  7. I have just accepted the offer of the University of Minnesota. Anyone did so too?
  8. Good question and sorry for writing to you late. I am a security guy. The world needs no security at the moment. Any other question?
  9. i think the NLP group at Columbia is better (I've no evidence but a friend of mine have just selected it over other schools including Wash.)
  10. it depends on the area you will be working on but if you see the ranking only, GATECH is ranked a little bit higher than UMD
  11. I believe UIUC is better particularly if you want to have a good job after graduation.
  12. Most US schools went into the bad custom of delaying their announcements this year. Did you hear from them so far?
  13. They seem not with the first tier of schools in their country. It's the first time to hear of them as well.
  14. I didn't receive any reply with such contents because i didn't apply to Georgia Tech (nor rejected by any school). I just was wondering why professor, who contact applicants once admitted and offer RAships, get angry when a student turn their offers down? Doesn't the student has the full right to decide on the better offer for him?
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