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rate my chances - Chemistry Ph.D


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I am applying for Ph.D in chemistry (not M.S)

Firstly, I am an international candidate and selection procedure for int. applicants is strict than domestic applicants.

GRE: Verbal - 660, Quantitative - 750, Analytical Writing- 3.0 (writing score is a blunder)

TOEFL: 106 out of 120 (speaking - 23 out of 30)

Sub GRE(Chemistry) - haven't appeared yet, will appear Nov. 2011( expected score around 75 percentile..can be more though)

Research exp. - 5 months(thesis submitted), worked in theoretical phys. chem....expected a publication soon,within couple of months

Grades: 8.73 out of 10 ( decent grades keeping in mind grades given in M.S level in Indian universities)

Field of interest: Theoretical Physical Chemistry

Letter of Recommendations: good LoR's, rather receive an excellent one from my supervisor

Rate my chances for --

a. University of British Columbia

b. Clemson University

c. New York University

d. University of Missouri

will apply for Fall 2012

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The schools you are applying too are reasonable. Looking at your stats I think you are a competitive applicant. I had similar ones and got into the school I really wanted for this fall. Apply to the four schools and even apply to like 3 or 4 other really good ones (no harm in applying to the top ones too). Write really good statements and you will get a few options come April 2012.

Good luck!

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thanks hbgrad...any idea how good selective is UBC accepting in Ph.D .....compared to top US public universities ??

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