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U Miami vs. UGA Grady


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I have got into U Miami M.A in Multimedia Journalism and UGA M.A in Telecomm Jouranlism.

The two schools are the last two i hold up to, any advise would be really helpful !

1.U Miami program is pretty new, the School of Comm has set up only for 25 years. (Can's really compare to some 100 years J-School ). Anyway, the program is professional, hands on, get some opportunities to travel and accomplish some great projects. But the overall cost are much higher than UGA.

2.UGA Grady seems have a greater reputation on Journalism.The program is academic, focus more on thesis and theory,which is not what i intended to learn. But the director mention a new professional program will be open next year, and i can choose the courses if i wish to.

Is there anyone familiar with these two school? I know they are not such a bit name compare to Columbia, Berkely ..

I'm leanning towards the U Miam, cause the program is best fit. But i'm worried about the reputation of the school and the young program.

Help please~

Many thanks!

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