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Bard College - CCS & SUNY Purchase


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1) Does anyone know about the curatorial studies program at Bard firsthand?

2) I'm also considering SUNY Purchase. Even though it doesn't seem to be as good of a program, it is closer to NYC. I've heard mixed things about Purchase. It also seems like an easier program to accepted in and definitely cheaper.

I'm from Atlanta, very much into fashion, arts, pop culture, could be described as hipster - I like being in a city where there are different types of people and lots of variety/ things to do. I don't want to be isolated. I'm worried that I would feel bored at Bard without the option of a quick escape...I want a balance between a good education and a fun social life. I'm 26, so I also don't want to be surrounded by immature, under-age, party kids.

Opinions are appreciated! Thanks!

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I don't have firsthand information but I am also looking into Curatorial Studies and people say CS at Bard is top notch. Everywhere I look that's the one that keeps cropping up at a real prestigious program. But I don't know very much about the social environment outside undergrad (party-heavy rich kids, ugh), although it is close enough to the city to spend your weekends there.

Maybe not much help but that's what I got!

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I haven't attended Bard, but I'm very familiar with the school. Bard is not a school that provides a quick escape to NYC. It is on an isolated rural campus. Bard is very close to Rhinebeck, NY, which is small hip city, but not NYC. Bard is about a 2 1/2 hour Amtrak trip into NYC. If you are looking for NYC, you won't find it at Bard. Purchase on the other hand, is very close to NYC, but Bard is a better school.

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I'm looking into curatorial and critical studies programs and was hoping there may be some grads lurking around who could provide some insight. I'm looking at Bard CCS, but also CCA's Visual and Critical Studies and am open to hear about others, like SAIC's Visual/Critical Program and even programs in the UK. Anyone have thoughts? Thanks! 

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