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PhD Acceptance Results, 2011-12



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There are a couple of threads relating to application success. I was wondering if PhD Classics applicants for 2011-12 would mind answering a poll for the benefit of next year’s applicants? Also, if you got feedback, what particularly made the difference to your getting in?

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Thanks to everyone who voted. I know that the board is slow as all those who have been though the wringer of the admissions process are likely focusing on the next academic year. I totally understand, having gone through the ‘move everything and re-start life’ summer myself a few years back myself. By way of encouraging more people to participate, I’d like to explain more what I was hoping to accomplish with this very unscientific poll.

We have a number of application results threads that quickly expanded to an unreadable point as people updated their results (particularly confusing when people got offers from multiple universities). When people start the process for the next admission cycle, it would be nice if they could see a snapshot of what the results really look like. Getting into the competitive PhD program you want involves long odds and an agonizing process, so let’s encourage the ones who come after.

We also have an ongoing discussion regarding priorities in the application process. What matters most: ranking of your alma mater, GPA, language skills, research proposal fit to faculty? Lots of people shared their opinions over this last cycle, but now that the cycle’s complete, are there any hard facts? If you received feedback that highlighted a part of your successful application, please share it with next year’s hopeful doctoral students.

Anyway, best of luck to everyone in your new challenges!

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