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where can i get in??


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I am a junior at a large, prestigious liberal arts college looking to obtain a PhD in biomedical research/pharmacology/biological sciences after I graduate. I am a biochemistry major and spanish minor and don't know which universities to apply for because I have no clue what my chances are of getting in to where...

my GRE scores are 760Q 600V

3.56 GPA

1 semester psychology research at my school

1 semester biology research at my school

1 summer immunology research at my school

2 summers paid full time cancer cell research at indiana university school of med

1 semester ebola virus research at my school with professor who worked at CDC

i have been on a medical mission trip to ecuador with a non-profit i volunteer for and am a college athlete

letters of rec from two of my research advisors and my academic advisors (not worried about this)

places i have looked into include: IU indy, vanderbilt, WashU, northwestern, U of chicago, and illinois

what are my chances of getting into these and possibly other top ten schools?? Any suggestions on good schools?? THANKS!

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Your stats looks solid to me! The GPA is the obvious weakness but your good GRE scores and research experience should compensate for that. Purely my opinion, but I bet you would get into the "good but not elite" state schools with no problems with what you have now...assuming you interview well :)

Adding a publication and good scores on subject GRE will put you over the top to get into the more prestigious programs.

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