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Egyptian immigrant applying for CMU MS in ECE


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Hi there,

I'm an Egyptian immigrant working applying for CMU Ms in ECE. I would like to know the average GRE/TOEFL scores for the CMU ECE masters.

--- my profile ---

2006 ECE graduate from Cairo university ranked 21 on 562. 85.71%

2007 Started a master in Cairo university and finished all required course. Ranked 6 on 64. 89.79 %

Working as a software engineering for 5 years in US.

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There are no standard GRE test scores for CMU admission, its one part of a big application. Though the average math GRE of admitted applicants is 765, this should act as a guideline. If you have some solid work experience you should be a good fit for the ECE master's program.

Good luck!

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Thanks hbgrad,

Yes, I worked for 5 years for one of the top Tech companies in EDA, Mentor Graphics.

I'm still searching how to secure funds for the degree. I know that CMU does not offer financial support for professional masters, but I'm not sure if there are any other options that I'm not aware of?

Finally, If you have any other advices to get into CMU ECE master degree, that will be great.

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