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Traditional Scholarship for MA programs


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I am looking for advice and information on possible program for a MA and for doing research in Islamic Studies (with a focus on Twelver Shiism) My qualifications are:

A. BA from a well-known East coast university in English and Anthropology. GPA of 3.4. Have not given the GREs yet, but plan to.

B. Extensive six (6) year experience overseas in traditional schools. Basically I have proper training as a traditional scholar in subjects such as Arabic, Islamic philosophy, theology, hadith studies, quranic studies, Islamic law, jurisprudence (usul), and methodology (al-qawaid).

C. Knowledge of Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and readable Hindi and some other Indian languages. I am also interested in literature, besides religion.

D. Have written several tracts/articles on various subject and am doing research, but as yet unpublished. Did some research work under scholars in the seminaries I attended.

Needed advice on the following issues:

1. What program has scope for research in my interests? Have looked into Princeton (Dr. H.Mod), Emory (Dev.Stwrt), McGill (R AbiS), and UC Berkeley (Ham. Alg) amongst others.

2. Taking the GREs (I know, from August 2011 onward theres a "revised test"). Do I also need subject tests in English?


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Pretty sure if you're applying to Islamic studies programs you don't need to take the English subject test. Even if you're applying to English MA programs, most don't require the English subject test. Good luck!

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