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Best Time to Apply?


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Hello, all. I'd love anyone's feedback!

I plan to apply to HGSE in the fall for Higher Education. The application deadline is January 3rd, 2012 and applications become available "late fall" 2011. Is there a consensus on the best time to apply? I understand all admission boards will officially state that the chances of approval are the same at any point in the process, but I've read differently. I've read that waiting until the deadline is best only if you can improve your credentials in the months leading up to the deadline. Does anyone have any advice or evidence that applying early (say September or early October) can help one's chances? Although, the thought of waiting for an answer for 6 months is almost too much to handle.

A little about me:

GRE: 1500 on 3 practice exams

GPA: 3.48 - from a total of three schools. Good gpa from The Culinary Institute of America. Excellent gpa from Indiana Wesleyan University in Business but with 2 semesters of transfer credit from Indiana University where I received 2 f's (18 years ago!).

Life Experience: 16 year commitment to area of expertise. Well known within the industry (not outside!) and published in 12 well-know publications in area of expertise (non-academic publications). Incredibly passionate, creative and dedicated to teaching about my craft.

Teaching Experience: Teaching for one year in a career college in my area of expertise. Recently promoted to Program Coordinator. Scheduled to be promoted to Regional Program Coordinator July 1. Nominated for National Educator of the Year in area of expertise(!). Voted by student body as Teacher of the Term. Intensely committed to my students.

Goal: Leadership at The Culinary Institute of America, or similar private culinary school.

Thank you!

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