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JD to MS- any hope?

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Hi everyone,

I've looked everywhere for info on this, but haven't come up with anything. I have a BSc. in biology and I went to law school to pursue IP law. I love IP law, and I definitely want to work in it in the future. However, I think I want t oget more into the industry side of things and work with biotech companies and innovators, etc. who are actually doing the research in the labs as opposed to just working in a law firm.

I know I should have done my masters BEFORE going to law school, but I kinda got time pressured to decide on my career and threw my law applications together. I went to a top ranked law school and now I want to apply to masters in science programs- my ideal program would be bio-engineering or bio-medical engineering. I'm worried the admissions committee will not see me as a serious student who wants to work in the sciences. The truth is I DO- I'll be honest, I don't want to sit and work in a lab my whole life, but I want that lab work to be an integral part of my day, if that makes sense.

Am I doomed from the start? Here are my stats (those that I think relate to MS apps):

Undergrad biology degree

GPA: 3.74

2 years of research experience


Thesis in molecular evolution/genetics in undergrad

Co-authored research paper from undergrad research

Physics TA (also a TA for a writing class)

Research grant

Conference attendee in San Diego

Sidenote: was also varsity athlete, president of an honour society...

Law school stats (not sure if that matters):

Not sure of GPA, but definitely top 30%

Publishing paper in patent law

wrote for IP law blog

participated in international competition on access to medicines

Law Journal

Job in IP law firm (for now, obviously)

Research assistantships

After taking some practice GREs, I can expect to get a 740-750 quantitative score (haven't done much for verbal yet, since the quantitative seems to be essential). Maybe I can improve it a bit, I haven't actually begun intense prep work.

Any thoughts or help at all? TIA!

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