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Nova's New GRE Math?!!!


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Hey guys!

Does anybody know if the Nova New GRE Math book is out yet? I checked out their website,but couldnt find a book that says "new GRE".

Is it already out and are they selling it with the same name as the older version?

Also, has anyone used this book before for the old GRE? Is it any good?The reviews for this on amazon are oretty good......especially the math book.

I've gotta get a very good quant score and have been looking for resources for the math portion of the new GRE. Any suggestions people?

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I used the Nova book for the GRE and was very pleased. The book is extremely thorough, and doesn't really pull any punches as far as strategy goes. I found that I felt very confident with all of the different types of questions outlined in the book, and scored very well on the exam. Not sure if they have a book for the New GRE, but if they do I would recommend them based on their book for the old GRE.

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I have searched in Amazon for the Nova's math book for the revised GRE but got no results.It seems they didn't release a new edition.But I think you can use the old book for preparation to the revised GRE as the content and topics are the same only 2 question types are added.

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Thanks for the info stackoverflow and.Hatem!

Hatem- is it really worth buying the old version to prepare for the New GRE? I cant even find the old book in any of the bookstores here. And if Ive got to order it frm amazon the shipping cost costs as much as the book itself! o_0

PsychYe!!!!!! So you are also gonna take it in in sept with me? Awesome news! :P haha....

I've been studying from Barron's. The day I bought my Barron's I also saw books like:

1)PR's math workout

2)PR's verbal workout

3)McGrawhills New GRE.

Do you know if they are any good?(I actually posted this somewhere else on this forum too..but nobody said anything bout it).

Ive heard good reviews about the cliff notes math review too.So what kind of book is it? I mean what types of questions does it comprise of?

On a sidenote....I remeber you mentioning that you're on a full time job too...how the hell are u managing to study man??!!! Gosh....I make all these study plans everday..but the moment I'm back home from work I just wanna eat and go to bed.....I cant go on like this though... :(

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im so conflicted! i get all pumped up about just rescheduling for the new GRE, but then i read about the changes on the new GRE and i get soo discouraged, especially how on some of the quant questions you have to select ALL the correct answers. it scares the hell out of me b/c i suck so much at math :(

i have no idea how good those books are. i wanted to get the PR's math workout, but based on the reviews from amazon, its filled with errors b/c its not the same author as the "cracking the GRE" books :(

the cliffnotes book is about the size of a novel, not too big and not too small. it covers everything from basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry. i love how its structured. it introduces and explains a concept, then has a few test problems for you to do. very thorough and well written. it gets you doing/understanding the math instantly. the questions for each concepts are simple math problems that it just tried teaching you.

yeah i am on a full time job. the only time i get to study the math is when i get home on the weekdays for a few hours. its tough, thats why i feel so unprepared for this :( for the verbal, i study it everywhere i go w/ a GRE vocab app on my iphone.

hmm....does your program want you to have a high quant score? if it does then..maybe you should reschedule to a later time when you think you'll be able to do well. But if it isn't all that important and you feel you've prepared well for the verbal part.you should take it now....

I was intially confused too,but then I couldnt get any slots for the old GRE and I also knew 100% that i wouldnt be able to prepare for it even if I had a july slot.So i just registered for it in September. I just thought of it this way,what if I never even had that option of choosing between the two GRE's? Like what if I wanted to take it sometime that the New GRE was the only GRE? I wouldve sucked it up and taken it,Anybody would actually....lol...

I find the math a little scary too,I mean considering the fact that for those "box" questions where you should key in your own answers,the answers could be ANYTHING! But I try telling myslef that in the end its the percentile that matters the most,and that would be judged not only by our performance,but all those who are taking it with us.So if its very tough for us...it's most likely to be tough for a large portion of the people taking it too(unless they are all insanely intelligent...ouch! that WOULD hurt..but lets just hope for the best? ) :)

I think it all sometimes boils down to practice,I havent taken the New GRE so I cant really tell how its gonna affect the scores...but hey a ton of other people are with us,on the same boat as us...lets just give it our best shot? :)

Keep me posted :)

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well see heres the thing, as flustering as this sounds, i got admitted to an MA in psych program w/o GRE scores. when i applied (this past march) i did not expect to get in because my BA was in TV & Film studies, i had no GRE scores, i was only half done w/ the pre-req courses just to qualify as a psyche grad applicant. So when i applied, i registered for the GRE for july 20th, thinking "hey, if i dont get in this year, i'll definately look like a better candidate next year since i'll have all the pre-reqs done AND GRE scores" and surpringly enough, i received my acceptance letter in late may! so now im conflicted as to if i should take the GRE or not, even though i already got in. I know that the scores are valid up to 5 years and i will definiately need them when i apply to Ph.D programs. But there are other factors that comply if i decide to take it later (maybe i wont have enough time to prep as ill be too caught up in my thesis etc) and at the time of registering for the GRE, i was also conflicted as to whether i should take the new or the current GRE, since it was a few months ago and looking over all the new changes (which i was unhappy with, it seems as though ETS is trying to make the new GRE less prep-able), i opted for the current GRE. thats true what you said, im sure theres a ton of ppl on the same mathmatically-challenged boat as us lolz. It really does come down to practicing. But like you said its tough for the new GRE b/c no one has taken it yet (which leads me to wonder how all these 3rd party companies bring out books for the new GRE, how do they know exactly what to expect on the new test?) but anywho, i think im leaning more towards just taking the current GRE, i still have until sunday to decide @_@

OMG its the 21st already!!! So what did you do PsychYe?!?!! Did you sit for the current GRE?

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