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What should I be doing the week before the GRE

process chemist

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I am taking the GRE on the 21st of July. I have been taking CATs for the past two weeks.

My scores are:



540V/600Q (Rushed through Quant, counted at least 6 problems I knew how to do, but didn't read questions carefully)




What else should I be doing?

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Keep doing practice tests. Go back through and check out what it is you keep missing and make sure you review that. Make a paper with quickie formulas and facts to reference before you go to bed every night. Most importantly, don't study at all the day before or the day of the test, and no caffeine!

Good luck. :)

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I'm taking the it on the 21st too! Blechh.. I'm not too sure what else to do either, but I guess I'm just going to try to solve as many Quant problems as possible (through Barrons and Powerprep) and memorize as much vocab as I can..? (I've gone through Kaplan 500 words, Princeton Review Hit Parade, all the words I've gotten wrong in multiple CATs, etc) Oh, how I wish I didn't work right now.. I only have about 3 hours a day to study once I get home, eat, and all that :( I don't feel prepared at all..

I have a question for anyone out there: my scores have been all over the place with Kaplan, Princeton Review (for some reason my scores seem to be the worst here) Barrons and Powerprep. I know everyone says Powerprep is the most reliable, but I've gotten scores like

Kaplan: between 630-680V/ 600-700Q

Princeton Review: between 630-650 V/ 550-600Q

Barrons: 720V/ 650Q

Powerprep 1: 740V/ 720Q

Obviously, I want the Powerprep to be 'true' but I'm not sure what to expect. I got 11 questions wrong with PP but managed 720Q, and 5 or so questions wrong on verbal but still got 740, while with Princeton Review I'm getting ~6 wrong Verbal, 7 wrong Quant. Not sure what to make of all this.. I do have to say that as I'm doing more problems, the questions seem to be getting easier, but my scores aren't getting any better..? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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I advise not using PowerPrep so recklessly. The questions get reused after the 2nd test, and PowerPrep is definitely the most accurate predictor of your scores, so you'd ideally have saved it for use during the last few days before the exam, just so you know what to expect on the real thing.

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Oh, by "doing more problems" I meant from Barrons, Kaplan, Princeton Review, etc. I still have PowerPrep2 left for probably Sunday or so (exam's on Thursday but I work all week so I want to do it while I'm fresh :))

Can't wait till Thursday at 7pm.. no matter the outcome, I'm treating myself to food, drinks and shopping- ha!

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