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Best MIT MechE Labs to Work In


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Does anyone have suggestions for labs to work in? I was very close to accepting an RA for a lab. I talked to a few people working in the lab, and they told me that they were miserable and didn't trust their advisor. Now I'm a little scared to just join any lab that offers me an RA. Who are the best advisors in MechE or similar fields (Aero/Astro, DMSE)?

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I suggest you continue talking to as many different people as you can. Also, make sure you know what you want to get out of your experience. Do you want it to be about learning how to do research? About how to work individually? in teams? With lots of freedom? Or with lots of mentorship and guidance? Make sure you have thought about this when you talk to people so you can evaluate how happy YOU would be in their lab. Just because they dont like it doesnt mean you wouldnt. Get the facts!

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a) Really depends on what you are interested in. I haven't met anyone in either department that didn't like their advisor (but I obv. know less MEs here, so I can't speak for them as well)

b ) Glad you're looking at related departments. I was a MechE undergrad -> AeroAstro grad...plenty of opportunities for us folk on the "dark side" (:

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