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UCSD, UCB, or UCD for Computer Graphics?

pixel pusher

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I am preparing to apply for grad school this fall for the fall 2012 term. (early I know, but preparation is key!)

I will be finishing my final year here at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. I am a Computer Science Major (math minor) with a concentration in computer graphics.

I love all aspects of computer graphics and would love to work at top company in the future (Weta, Autodesk, Pixar, ILM, nVidia, etc.) as a graphics programmer.

I will be applying to 3 programs this fall:

UC San Diego


UC Berkeley


UC Davis


Does anyone have any experience applying to these schools? Also, what are your opinions on which program is better? My choices are 1-UCSD, 2-UCB, and 3-UCD.

About me:

I have a decent GPA (3.6) and will probably have good GRE score, seeing as I am a good test taker. I also have some research experience (lab at my school) and industry experience. (intern at ATi for graphics drivers)

I have been learning OpenGL and am working on my own raytracer.

I hear the admissions for all of these schools is very competitive. Do you think I have a chance? Any advice would be much appreciated. :)

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I went to UCSD, so I might be bias, but we do have a very cool Cave Automatic Virtual Environment in case you're interested in seeing your graphics programming function in a 3D environment. Students are free to use it most of the time, although if you use it at peak hours, you'll get interrupted by the tour groups. Berkeley has some 3D scanners, if you're interested in that. You should look at the papers that all three schools published and see which ones most closely matches your interests. Make sure to write about that in your statement of purpose, as well.

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