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Need to find a Master CS online program


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I graduated with a Bachelor of Math degree from a decent Canadian university.

But, my average is pretty bad, roughly converted to 2.7. (If you only count math and cs course, the average is 60).

I worked in US for last two years and will continue doing so.

In terms of career, I am doing pretty good.

But, I want to get a Master degree when I am still young, just in case I got into the whole green card thing.

I really don't care about the reputation as long as it is National accredited. I won't even put it in my resume...

Which school are my best bets ?


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I don't know enough about your background to know where you might get in or what might interest you, but I know that Columbia University and Stevens Institute of Technology both have online CS master's degrees, and I think NYU Polytechnic does too.

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Well, I guess GPA 2.7 summarized my background . ;-(

Columbia definitely gonna be an unrealistic dream to me... I will take a look at the other two.

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I had a friend get into Columbia's online EE program with very low undergrad grades (though from a top university) but some good work experience and good recommendations. Don't write yourself off completely. You don't have much to lose by aiming high.

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Also consider that online master programs have lower requirements than PhD or thesis based masters. So don't underestimate your chances due to comparing your scores with individuals in different modes of the program.

Since you have a job see if any of your fellow employees went to grad school while working for the company and where. As some schools lower the admission requirements as far as test scores if your employed with a company they often take students from. Mostly due to relationships with the company (mostly large corporations) that serve as a quality check and they know you will have a job after graduation.

Also as far as accreditation goes ensure it is a quality accreditation, since some schools are accredited by questionable sources in the online degree domain. Think ABET and the sort.

Good Luck.

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