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Confusion on my GRE situation... In- Between Old and New


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Ive been studying (3.5 weeks) for the GRE using a hand-me down Princeton Review GRE Manual (6.3) for practice sets, and what I thought was a relevant strategy book, Princeton Review's "Cracking the GRE 2011 Edition". In the "Cracking" book it mentioned the New GRE and suggested that the book I was using would be adequate for either test, the main argument being that the content can't change drastically as this is a standardized test, and those who take it earlier than August can't be judged on a completely different scale than those who take it after.

I'm strong in Verbal, so I have been focusing on quantitative preparation and have drilled extensively with the questions from the old format. The last practice test I took was on August 5th, and I assumed that this test was practice for the New GRE as well. However when I went to access the practice tests again this evening, I saw that the test was a completely new format, my old practice test score had disappeared. There were some quantitative questions that I didnt really recgonize or plan for. Also the built in calculator and extra buttons really threw me off. And on the verbal the emphasis is placed much more heavily on reading comprehension, which was not where the bulk of my preparation took place.

I have a test scheduled for August 30th, this coming tuesday. Should I snag a copy of the new book and learn what I can about the new format over the weekend? Or should I take the New GRE for investigative purposes and not accept my scores? I feel as if the new test has more drastic changes than I anticipated. Any opinions?

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