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Another single/double space question...

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Sorry guys for posting questions that have been discussed several times, but when schools do not specify whether SOPs should be double spaced, is it okay to single space it?

For example, Penn State says on its website: This two-page statement should include: (1) a brief description of your educational background, with specific emphasis on political science and related fields; (2) a discussion of the major fields and specialties in political science that interest you the most; (3) why you wish to study political science at Penn State; and (4) your current career plans and aspirations.

So, this particular schools says the statement should be two pages long, but doesn't say anything about the format. Can I assume they accept all formats, or should I still double space it?

Also, do we need to distinguish between personal statements and SOPs? I am assuming they are meant to be the same, but please enlighten me if anyone disagrees.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

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It's standard to single-space an SoP.

Generally you can take personal statement and SoP to mean virtually the same thing (and most schools outline what they're looking for in the statement on their website, anyway). The only instances in which I've observed an important difference is when applying to a professional program (e.g., MPH, medical school) that asks you to submit one of each.

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