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  1. @hawkeye78: Thank you so much for the insight, much appreciated!!
  2. @ hawkeye78: How often do students publish there, especially in your subfield? I asked someone in the department about this but didn't really get an answer. Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Those in at NYU, any idea if the process is still ongoing? Heard zilch from the dept, though I'm assuming the worst anyhow.
  4. Umm...anyone turning down funded BU offers, especially IR? Ttrying to gauge my chances. Thanks.
  5. Reviving an old thread here. Would it be a big no-no if I submit a writing sample that is much shorter than 30-50 pages? Would it automatically disqualify me or something? Asking because my writing sample is only 15 pages long. Thanks in advance!
  6. Anyone on this forum planning to attend University of Iowa this fall? Please feel free to PM me if you want to discuss the program, the unusually large incoming class this year and the funding situation there (which looks bad to say the least). Thanks.
  7. How are the university apartments? I know they are like 40 years old, but is it that bad to live there?
  8. What about going to UMAss and getting your Master's and reapplying for higher ranked phd programs later? Saying this as someone considering choosing a lower ranked program over a higher one for some personal reasons. Gluck!
  9. Hey all, in case anyone is still waiting to hear from UMaryland, I contacted the department and they said: "Most decisions have not gone out yet. You should be getting a decision hopefully by the end of February, first week of March." Not saying much, but still... Good luck to everyone.
  10. Thank you kalapocska and non humilis mulier. I suspect everyone accepted by UIowa thus far has been waitlisted for funding. Guess I'll have to have additional offers to boost my chances for funding... Thanks!
  11. Anyone else applying to UIowa? Just emailed by a POI there, who said I was admitted to the program (An official letter to follow). I'm so happy and relieved, though funding decisions are yet to be made and I'm a little worried about that. The POI said I should keep him/her informed about "other graduate institutions that you have heard back from." Anyone has a clue what this means exactly? Anyways, finally some good news. Thank you for reading and gook luck to everyone!
  12. @ CafeAuLait12 and orst11: Thank you for the encouragement! I appreciate it a lot. Yes I'm trying to hold onto hopes... Just noticed UMaryland has sent out more acceptance notices (congrats to all who got in!!), hopefully they'll notify me soon too. I'd be actually glad to be waitlisted, even. Haha. By the way, in case anyone is interested, I contacted a graduate program coordinator at PSU the other day and asked when people who haven't yet heard back can expect admission results, and she said files are still being processed.
  13. Man, I'm loving this thread. Finally something I can relate to on this forum. Already flat out rejected by Emory, likely also be rejected by PSU, Maryland and UIowa (given that some people have received admission notices from those institutions). Waiting for other, more lower-ranked schools to save me. My stats are so so. I've been working for two years (in journalism -- not very thrilling.) and don't have an MA. I didn't get good letters either (one is from my ex boss and the other from a professor I'd never known personally before..). Guess I'll be forced to reapply later this year, most likely to MA programs. Anyways, good luck to everyone in the same boat and congrats to the lucky ones already weighing different options.
  14. Oh, there was a visa issue... I briefly considered ETH but ended up not applying there; I wish I had. Re Op, thank you for your answer! I am a bit worried though that terminal polisci MA programs do not look like particularly strong programs, though where you get your phd will matter much more in the end. Oh well... Hopefully we'll end up going somewhere this season (provided that not all schools have sent out admissions yet).
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