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Quality of MA at CUNY Hunter

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Any students or alumni who can give me a heads up? I spoke to a current graduate student in the department, and received a positive review of the school. I intend on going to a PhD eventually, but desperately need to improve my writing and RESEARCH skills. Any advice. Also I applied with a 770 Verbal/690 Math/ 5.0 AW . . . I'd like to think the V portion makes me a shoe-in, but of course I know that is not true and thus have some misgivings about my app. For example, instead of ONE research paper, as requested by the application, I submitted TWO short non-researched critical essays. I accounted for this in my Statement of Purpose, though-- I don't think that my research papers show my best work, and that's why I am going into the MA. Yeah, clearly having that high V score does not equate to making good decisions. My GPA is not outstanding, and I have a-many science course withdrawals, but IDC that much 'bout it. MOSTLY, I am more than a little worried about my app since this is the only program I have applied to.

Also, I'd really love to connect with Woolf scholars!! I read lots of Woolf work, but have not theories related to her. Just happiness while reading her :)

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So I know you posted this about two months ago, BUT for what it's worth, I am currently taking a graduate class at Hunter (as a non-matriculating student...I got my BA a year ago and was urged to take a grad class in the interim to improve my writing sample). So far, it's been great. My professor is extremely knowledgeable and the course material is engaging. Most of the students are very active in class which makes for great discussion. I cannot comment on the program as a whole, of course, but I think this class is a good indicator of what the academic community is like.

Aaaaaand I love Woolf too! I'm interested in her mainly as a Feminist author, but even if one were to read her work in a vacuum, totally divorced from any theory, she would still kick ass.

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