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PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences Schools???


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I will be shortly applying to graduate school for medicinal chemistry/pharmaceutical chemistry.

There are so many schools to choose from but after a long list of schools I finally found some that seem to fit my liking! The only problem is I don't know if they are Tier 1 2 3 ect type schools, and I don't wanna be applying to all top or bottom school.

Lemme know what u think:

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of Southern California

University of Kansas

University of Kentucky

Northeastern University

University of Texas at Austin

I don't wanna post all my stats but I have 3.52gpa 2 research experiences and waiting to take the GRE next month.


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A couple of things:

First, what exactly do you mean by medicinal chemistry? Do you want to do synthetic work? Biopharmaceuticals? Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics?

Pharmaceutical chemistry/medicinal chemistry are fields made up of several more common subfields, what departments you pick depends on what you're interested in. Definitely don't pigeonhole yourself by only looking at schools that advertise graduate programs in those two areas.

As to your stats, what exactly do you mean by "2 research experiences"? Are you talking like 2-3 solid years of research experience? 2 summer programs?

That's what will really make or break your application, along with your letters of rec. Your GPA is so-so... What's your coursework background? Mostly chemistry, I assume?

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