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hii guys.......After graduating this May .......after that starting from August I have joined under a Prof. for voluntary research.....also I have been asked by the Prof. to be part of the university's course content developing group.....so this group makes online study materials for Engineering undergrads ....nd I have been doing the Chemistry part ....it is pretty similar to UC Davis..dynamic textbook project http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/ ....

I am basically not sure how to put forward this 'course content developing' experience of mine in my SOP .......I have thought of putting it forward as a favourable factor of being a good Teaching Asst. ....but still unsure about how will I write this exp. in my SOP so that Adcom might this as favourable point in my apps.....

Any suggestion regarding this would be welcome .........

Will this anyway add something extra in my apps....othr than research exp and all ???

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