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Transferring credits from a masters to doctorate


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I'm planning on apply to graduate school this fall. I am finishing my bachelor’s degree and I am wondering whether or not to delay graduation by another year. My main reasoning for the possible postponement is that I would like to pursue a doctorate degree in Industrial Organizational psychology, but I am not sure if I will be accepted. I am confident that I can get into a master’s program. My concern though is how well the credits will transfer from the master’s program into the doctorate. I don’t want to have to end up repeating credits if I pursue the masters and then go into a PhD program.

Did anyone here get masters first then a doctorate? How did you credits transfer? Did you lose money and time; do you feel you made the right decision? Any input would be appreciated.

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While I can't speak specifically to I/O, typically you should not expect credits to transfer from masters to PhD. Most PhD programs grant an MA/MS en route; they want you to take their classes and fulfill their requirements, and even if two classes at different universities look similar, they may be taught quite differently. Why don't you call or email a couple PhD programs that interest you? This is the kind of policy that will vary between schools.

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