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M.A Applied Economics University of Houston


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Well hello everybody,

This is my first post, and I hope you guys can help me out. I am currently completing a masters degree in history, and if everything goes well I will be done this May. Now, I don't want to apply to a PhD program. I would much rather gain a new set of skills in order to increase my future opportunities. I have been thinking about economics for a couple of years now, and I think that a second masters will complement the one I am working on now quite nicely.

As I can't possibly see myself pursuing a doctorate; I am interested in a terminal degree. I ran across a new program at the University of Houston. This is a M.A in applied economics. I would obviously need to spend some of the summer and fall semesters taking pre-requisite courses in order to apply, but I would also be able to work at the junior college level by then. So, a short break from the daily grind that is graduate school will be very welcomed.

My questions for you guys in the field are: what have you heard of the applied economics degrees? How marketable are they? Has anybody had any experience with this "new" U of H program or even heard anything? Does anybody here have one or is maybe pursuing one?

I would prefer to attend the University of Houston program out of convenience and the fact that Houston itself is a very diverse city when it come to industry and future employment. But I would also like to hear what you all are thinking.

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I have the same questions as the above poster about Applied Econs at UH. Except that I'm doing an MA in Human Resources Magt right now. I'm currently not in the States. I already know the rankings, I chose UH for personal reasons. I'd appreciate any form of advice concerning this program, UH alumi connections within and outside Houston, and UH in general.


Thanks a lot.

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