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Courses you can teach with an American Studies PhD??


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Hey Everyone,

I have just graduated with a b.s in English with a minor in history and psychology. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be applying to American Studies PhD programs in the fall. Now, I know that American Studies is a combination of a number disciplines and, depending on your speciality, one can get a teaching position teaching their main focus. I want to focus on American drama (speciifically American playwrights during WWII (possible dissertation topic)). My question is (given I complete the PhD): will I ever be able to teach history classes with my degree (I have a heavy interest in American Revolutionary/Constitutional history and 20th century American history and would even be interested in doing research in these fields)? I want to limit my English classes to twentieth century American drama and lit (specifically American drama, the American novel, and Sothern American lit) and I would like the rest to be history/political science. So, if all goes according to plan, would I be able to teach history as well as English classes with this degree? Or am I only wishfully thinking??

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