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Clinical Psych 2009


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stephmanasse: My apologies if you're already aware of the thread that regularly updates clinical psych notifications on studentdoctor.net, but thought I'd post a link to it here for you or anyone else who may be interested: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=586412

A mod updates the first page based on posters' updates throughout the thread. Hope this helps (and I wish there was a similar thread for my sub-field)!

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Congrats on your interviews, kiki! That's terrific and I wish you great luck.

Maybe the thread wasn't updated b/c of the holiday weekend? In any event, I'm sure others will very much appreciate the updates you provided.

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Thanks MacDuff! They're posted on that list now after all. I just wanted everyone to get the information, because I hate waiting, and I appreciate seeing the schools I did apply to but didn't hear from on the list, so I know I probably need to shrug them off. It's better than uncertainty.

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