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Text books say different stuff on homicide. Help Please.

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I'm doing a degree in criminology and for one of the tasks I need to cover Homicide from head to toe. However I got really confused when one of my books on the topic said that murder constitutes to homicide, and then another text book which I have, said that it doesn't.

So I'm confused now and don't know which book is right and I feel stupid asking my tutor because it seems like such an easy question (what constitutes to homicide?). I would really appreciate any help because once I have that sorted out I can go on to the stats, and causes/reasons, prevention and so on...

Thanks :rolleyes:

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Again, I'm no criminology expert, but I believe murder and manslaughter both fall under homicide as well.

Genocide is to kill a population, suicide is to kill yourself, homicide is to kill another person. But that's just based on the word origins.

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