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Interdisciplinary artist looking for grad school


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I am graduating The University of Georgia with a BFA in December, and have been searching for grad schools for the past couple months. I was hoping to get some feedback on my work( http://www.peterrussellstudios.com/ ), and hopefully some recommendations on grad programs. I am currently looking into...

School - Program

Virginia Commonwealth - Kinetic Imaging

MICA - Mount Royal School of Art

MassArt - Interrelated media

Virginia Tech - Creative Technologies

I would really appreciate any comments are recommendations.



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In Canada there are a number of options - not sure about International students, but many students receive funding here.

Look into:

Ontario College of Art & Design, Interdisciplinary MFA

Concordia University, Open Media MFA (or Special Individualized MA - make your own program)

Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, MFA

Concordia houses a research centre called "Hexagram," an interdisciplinary media arts research lab:


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I'm looking for the same thing. One of my considerations is that i want the interdisciplinary part to not only be different kinds of studio art approaches, also want access to other subjects within the universities. Most of the programs i'm thinking about don't really do this that well; penndesign MFA and maybe once i see the others and look at how the curriculum works; will do the trick.

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My career counsellor said most mfa programs don't actually limit you to a medium, even if they have them listed. Seconding the OCAD Interdisciplinary Masters recommendation, but also check out the work that students are making, or find faculty you'd like to work with.

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