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MS after work exp


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I am from India,I am targetting for fall '13. I had completed my B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering in 2008 with a GPA of 8.38/10. By the time i join the grad-schools I will have about 4.5+yrs of experience in software testing(both manual and automated) in two MNC's(I got a job in the software industry and worked in the same). Now my question is:

1. I want to do a MS in Computer Science, so as my background is in Mechanical, will it be a problem or will it have negative impact ?

2. In which Universities can i get full funding with assistant-ship and will my mechanical background be a problem for getting funding and assistant-ships?? US/UK/Canada..all will do..

3. Is my work exp a positive or it will be treated as something negative as I had a break in academics for almost 5 years?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I am really new to this so want some help regarding these. My questions may seem very stupid , silly and basic, but I am a total newbie in this. So please help me out.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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Speaking about US schools:

Your work experience will be considered a positive.

Some schools will want you to have a formal CS background (which doesn't have to be a degree; you can take non-degree classes). Some will be willing to substitute your work experience. Full funding with assistantship is not the norm for MS students, but there are plenty of people at major research universities who do get it.

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