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LORs from undergrad professors or post grad


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I did my Bachelor in Engineering from India. And now I am doing a one year MSc from University College London. The problem I am facing is that if I send LORs from the professors in my current uni then these professors will write that they have known me only for one month and hence the overall quality of the LOR would be low even if they write good things about me. However the good thing would be that these professors have tonnes of publications and are working in a world top 20 university.

If I give LORs from my undergrad proffs then they can comment more about me. However, they are teaching at a no name university and dont have a publication record (maybe 1 publications in their whole life). Moreover, then I'll have to be after them over the phone making international calls.

Ok, so this was the comparison between the professors. And let me clarify the proffs in my undergrad who are willing to give me LORs are : 1 is an associate professor and 2 are assistant proffs (he was my project supervisor in undergrad) (believe it or not, my undergrad department didnt have any full proffs..unfortunately!!) . and the ones at UCl are: 1 full proff and one research fellow. Now that is another problem. How good are LORs from research fellows. Please keep in mind that unilke the post doc fellows in USA, research fellows in the UK are employed by the departments for long periods of times and have excellent publication records.

So whom should I pick? The best combinations are either of the following two:

associate proff from undergrad (my undergrad supervisor), full proff from UCL and research fellow from UCL (with great publication record and I have made quite an impression on him during his lectures)

associate proff from undergrad (my undergrad supervisor), full proff from UCL and assistant proff from undergrad

Please help me people. It is a very tough decision.

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