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Upload limits are killing me! I'm trying to submit my writing sample- its for art history, and has four gigantic images. I feel like I can't get rid of the images, but I can't get the thing to a small enough file size to be allowed to upload for my apps. Its about 7000 kb as a word doc, and 2700 kb as a pdf. Should I just abandon the images? (They're such pretty manuscript pages...and its art history, shoudn't it have the art?!) The limit I'm trying to get around right now is 2500 kb. Suggestions?

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Please try the following.

Open the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Professional. (I do not know if the standard version of Acrobat allows this option.)

Under File, there should be an option for "Reduce file size." When prompted, make sure you save this reduced file with a slightly different name. For example, change <<SAMPLE.PDF>> to <<SAMPLECOMPRESSED.PDF>>.

If you do not have access to Adobe Acrobat, hit me up with a PM (private message) and I'll make this conversion for you. (And if this doesn't work, we'll figure out something else.)

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How are you converting the Word doc into PDF format?

Download and use "Foxit Phantom" Reader, which work just like Adobe but lets you convert from MS Word to PDF and vice versa no problem. Must easier and better than any other software I've come acorss.

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I had the same issue with my portfolio and did a hell lot of research on net to compress it. So finally I figured this out and here it is - download ' Adobe Acrobat X Pro ' from adobe website (trial version is free). Open you pdf in that and go to File>SaveAs>OptimizedPDF here change your image resolution to '150 ppi for images above 200 ppi' and hit okay, that shoud work it reduced my 40 mb portfolio to 16 mb.

(PS:this resolution is fit for viewing on comp only not printing)

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