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Aesthetics or Art History?


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I'm finishing my BA in Philosophy, and I'm trying to decide whether to pursue an MA in Philosophy or Art History. My problem is that while I love philosophy to death, I'm immensely interested in Aesthetics, a field of philosophy that is downplayed in most to all programs. I'm equally interested in the philosophy of art (formal art theory), but these also have little treatment in a Philosophy program, to my knowledge. I'm seriously considering going into an MA program in Art History instead. At least in Art History I can focus on all things related to art, theory, aesthetics, and history.

That said, would you mind telling of me any MA programs you know that are more aesthetically inclined? [Meaning they have more than one aesthetics course that actually occurs per semester!] I haven't been able to find many. Stony Brook and St. Andrews are two possibilities. Thanks!

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