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GRE name problem


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Hi everyone,

I signed up for an account at ETS to register for the GRE a while ago and I put my middle initial on the form.

I was just in the process of registering for a test when I realised that my passport (which I was planning to use as primary identification) doesn't have my middle name on it. I realise there's no way to change my name on the ETS website (which seems pointless inconvenient) and I even tried to just make another account, but they wouldn't allow that.

Bear in mind I haven't yet registered for a test, that's just the details that I have on my account.

Where do I go from here? Will there be issues at the test centre if my middle initial is on the admission slip but not my ID?


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Or could I just re-register for an account using, say, a different address (a work address, or my mother's address or something)? I presume that they already had someone at my address registered they refused a second application. Does the address really matter?

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I don't think it matters. I registered for the test without using my middle name and my ID includes my middle initial. Before you go through the hassle of making another account, perhaps give ETS a call and explain it to them.

Your address kind of matters since it's where they will send your official scores and other updates/information.

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